Why Do You Need Financial Plan ?

Is this time is right for a financial planning? 

Still many years remaining in my retirement, why to plan so early ?

The best time to make your financial plan is TODAY, as Financial Planning is a continuous process, as it remains in contact till the each goal is executed in proper way.

Life has many uncertainties, if you start early you will have more time left to make your money grow more, as we grow older our expense will rise and we may regret that time has passed.

Times are never constant, it changes so as our needs as we and our families grow old, the change in life style or may be change in inflation happens; some of the things are not in our hand such as inflation & purchasing power. So the old investment we have done will not make sense sometime in future as the inflation rises. Some examples of this :-
  • Change in lifestyle
  • Change in family culture / addition of a family member