Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spending Money ? Stop Spending too much

Spending Money (Everyone’s Favorite Activity) 


We will here talk about spending money….Spending that too when we don’t have to….we are talking about the psychology of managing money/cash, and the amount of cash spending started by India’s youth now a days.

We actually don’t realize that spending cash i.e. purchasing products or services are purchased under different reasons, most of the time whatever things/products or services we buy….its just because of our feeling (a feel good factor within us). This type of feeling & satisfaction on spending, leads to short fall of CASH. Sometime spending too much on unnecessary products & services don’t allow us to pay off our debt…or in other words “we don’t get debt free”.

We all have rainy days; a lot of people among us feel so empty and feels low self-esteem because sometime we spend a lot on unnecessary things.

Once we truly follow this and understand the emotions & feel good factor of spending money, this money crunch can be prevented so easily, and one will be able to save and manage cash quiet easily and when practiced this….for saving cash --- “sky becomes the limit”.

Now days, Credit cards are a form of money, available to all of us very easily. Many of us still understand that they are not using cash if they purchase products and services by swiping Credit Card. Its damn sure that we can tell ourselves that I bought a Laptop or a LCD Tv by our credit card and I will pay off to the company when we will get salary next month….isn’t it ? but this does not happen every month ?

The best ways to buy a product or services is cash….this helps you in managing your cash flows and prevent unnecessary expenses which incurred without knowing....some expenses are called lifestyle expenses.

Happy Spending!!!

-Manan Mankad