Thursday, December 5, 2013

INDIA Is Not Growing At All ? Really ?

Dear Readers,

This is going to be a really effective read, trust me.

Let me share some data here.
  1. If you compare your income today (2013) and your income in (2002), You are earning well right ?
  2. Consumption ; Disposable Income - Rising
  3. Infrastructure is far - far better than 2002 ?
  4. Indian Forex Reserves are 20x in two decades.
  5. India's Ranking in GDP (in PPP Terms) in 1993 was 9th rank is now in 3rd Rank.
  6. FII's Investing Agressively in India. - If india is down graded, if GDP is not growing in india, if political & corporate failures happening in india....beware....still FII's are investing heavily in india......You as an investor are selling & they are becoming wise for owning your shares too.
the only question remains now :- Are You Investing In India ? Have You made money in Equities in last 25 years ? Retail Investors are always complaining about burning their finger in Equity, the one question i want to ask to all investors.....

if you have invested in Mutual Fund for more than 10 Years, Chances of Loosing money in Equities are Zero & Chances of Making money are 100%.

Think a lot on that right? Now is the time to implement.....Now or Never...Choice is Yours.