Monday, November 4, 2013

The Autobiography of a Rupee

The Autobiography of a Rupee

Hi I am rupee.....Indian Rupee. ”Naam To Zarur Suna Hoga”  J  also known as INR worldwide.

I am in different denominations. One >Two>Five>Ten>Twenty>Fifty>Hundred>Five Hundred & Thousand.

Every Age Person loved me so much. They love me more if I move higher in value.

Have you ever noticed my journey? From my point of view?
You spend me as an EMI and paying interest on the things which you never use.
Inflation Robs me.

My value gets depreciated day by day as you buy GOLD from overseas. L

Earlier I was very happy and fun loving when people invested me in PPF and Bank FD’s at I was appreciating at 15% to 18% yoy. I was getting doubled very fast than I doubled today in PPF & FD’s,

Suddenly, my nervous breakdown happened to see interest rate for PPF and FD’s now at 8%-9% only.

Do you know?  who is creating problem for me? The answer is Inflation...
Inflation robs purchasing power....things which were available for 100 before a year is now available at 110 it means more rupees you will pay for buying the same thing.

The simple example is....before 10 years almost....residential flats were available around 6-7 lac or me(rupee) is now available at 1cr of me L (me= the INR = the Indian Rupee)
It’s because of inflation, food bill have increased, so you pay more of me (rupee) going to the hotel or dinning out or going for a movie with your family. More of me given for the same things you buy/purchase.

My growth forecast is very weak. As oil price increased......I get more disappointment as rickshaw rent....everything is getting more costly.

As I depreciated against $, earlier I was at 45-50 now at 62....those of you whose children are studying overseas are paying more....only only only as I got depreciated.

Sometimes I feel so sad that you have to pay more and more of me because I am getting depreciated day by day.

Now the happiest part of my life: -- Do you know? There are some good people approximately 3% of people in India who is doing wonders with me? Those who are investing me into equities? Some in real estate without taking loans? They make me really proud as I get appreciated too fast.......if we go back to the past history.. BSE Sensex appreciated almost from 100 points to 20,000 sub levels....approximately 15%-17% yearly basis in last 33 years.
Friends? The People of India? Do you want to save me? Make me proud for India? In coming decade?

If yes, I (the Rupee = the INR) urge you to do some things for me J will you do it for me? For India?
1.    Try and understand Mutual Funds / Equity Market. They are simple and easy.
2.    Stay invested in Equity for longer period of time (10yr to 30yrs)
3.    You can invest me (the rupee) in the right place where i get more appreciation than inflation.
4.    Cut down unnecessary expenses & avoid taking loans for consumer durable.
5.    Forward this (my autobiography) to as much as people you save me J

Please Do not blame me.

Your kid’s education and marriage are dependent on me. It will only happen by saving me....invest me in equities for next 30 yrs......or do not blame me that I got depreciated against dollar,yen,dirham’s,gold......or inflation....only you can make me strong by taking right decision.

My Article in #Proteus magazine #november 2013 issue.
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