Friday, November 22, 2013

Fund Review - Sundaram Select Midcap

Fund Review
 Sundaram Select Midcap
Creating Wealth For Its Investors

A mid-cap fund managed by Mr. S.Krishnakumar, must be an integral component of every intelligent equity portfolio to boost the overall returns; its acclaimed track record makes a robust case for Select Mid Cap. A class-leading fund tracking the mid-cap space with a diversified & growth approach. Compounded annual return of 27.6% since launch in July 2002; outpacing the S&P BSE Mid Cap Index by 10.6 percentage points on a compounded annualized basis. Rs. 10,000 invested in Select Mid Cap at launch would have grown to Rs. 1,52,396 as of September 30, 2013.

Fund invests in 45-60 Stocks with low turnover and not taking any trading calls as this fund takes stocks that grows in sustainable manner with its Dynamic approach to the Portfolio.

Fund was launched on 30th July,2002 at 10Rs. Nav, Currently having an Nav of 161.92 as on 21st November, 2013 for Growth Option & Rs. 17.30 for Dividend Option, Fund has delivered over 27% returns Annually since its launch in 2002. As on November 2013, fund has allocated 20.64% in Financial Services, 12.64% in Automobile, 11.97% in Consumer Goods, 10.56% in Pharma Sector & 1.33% in Cash reserves. Fund has highest 9.77% exposure in IPCA Labs, 4.95% in FAG Bearings, 4.53% in Bosch as a stock holding as on November 2013.

As on last declaration, total Asset Under Managment in Sundaram Select Midcap is Rs. 1754 Crore, fund is having a benchmark against S&P BSE Mid-Cap Index, Fund is having Regular & Direct Plans, Having Dividend & Growth Option, Minimum Investment Required is Rs.5000 for Lump sum Investment & Subscription for SIP are Monthly – Rs. 250, Weekly-Rs.1000 & Quarterly Rs.750.
Fund is having criteria of Additional Purchase of Rs.500 under the Plan.

 Exit Load under both the plans are 1% if redeemed within 12months & NIL if redeemed after 12 month completion, Plan does not charge any entry load currently.

The fund can invest from 75% - 100% in equity & equity related instruments which can include investments in derivatives also, can invest in short and medium term debt instruments but not exceeding 25% of the portfolio, also there is a mandate for investing up to 35% of the net assets in overseas securities if felt opportunity.

Product is categorized under BROWN Category which is known as High Risk – High Return Category