Friday, October 11, 2013

Hi .. I am your SIP .. My Full name is Systematic Investment Plan ...

Hi .. I am your SIP .. My Full name is Systematic Investment Plan ...

I don’t exactly remember how & when was I born nor do I remember who gave me my name but if my memory serves me right it’s been more than 15 years since the time I was born.

My father is Equity & Mutual Fund is my mother.

You all know my cousin brother quite well I suppose. Born to Govt Securities & Bank, he is much older to me & a favorite of mostly all Indian households.

Don’t remember him? His name is Recurring Deposit.

I have a secret to tell you. I have one more brother. He is the evil one amongst us & hence my cousin & I usually don’t mention about him to anyone. His name is EMI – Easy Monthly Instalment.

Does a Sachin hit a six on every ball? Does a Dhoni always win a match? Does Harbhajan grab a wicket in every match? No right? Still cricket continues to be a religion in India!

As far as my potential is concerned, those who have taken the pain of being with me for a long term , do swear by my powers of beating consumer price inflation & building wealth over long term every month , bit by bit through the magical power of compounding !

India has a population of 121 Crs+ & total live SIPs as per recent census are only about 60 Lacs or 0.50% of India’s total population! Imagine. Don’t I deserve to be taken to many more households than this?
P.S - If I made any sense to you, please pass my message to 5 individuals you know who recently stopped their SIPs or are thinking about it.

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