Friday, December 10, 2010

Papa, i want to be somebody Big

“Papa ! I want to be

somebody big

when I grow up!

Will you help me ?

You are the architect of your family’s happiness and you constantly strive to ensure that they get the best.

As a loving Father and a successful breadwinner, your primary concern is to stay prepared and protect your family from life’s financial uncertainties. Your family depends on you and there is no substitute for your love and support.

But you often wonder, is your preparation enough?

To ensure the financial comfort of your family as long as you are around and even after, you can designed an easy plan that stays with you for life.

Ambitions, aspirations and all the blessings of family life all hang on your ability to create and grow your wealth while you’re able.

As any parent and grandparent already knows, family's financial needs constantly change. You may be planning for your young son's college education or helping a grown daughter with a wedding. Possibly you're caring for an aging parent or a family member with special needs. Or you may simply want to ensure that your heirs have all they need to live more fulfilling lives.

Fulfill the desires & dreams of your Children by investing in CHILDREN EDUCATION & MARRIAGE FUND (COMING SOON TO INDIA)

Some Facts :

1) Investing @ 8% Rs. 2000 per month will grow to Rs. 6,79,557 & Same in Mutual Fund Sip will grow to Rs. 12,32,731 in 15 yrs.

2) TODAY’S Rs. 10 LAC will be Worth Rs. 4.17 LAC After 15 years.

3) The cost of MBA in 1985 was only Rs. 40,000 & now in 2008 its 8,00,000 Cost is rising by 11% & your investments ??

To Summerise, Our Investment Returns should earn higher Returns than Inflation Rate

Manan Mankad